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City and rustic sunflowers

Ван Гог любил и вдохновлялся подсолнухами: “It’s vibrant color and also the form that attracted Van Gogh. The sunflower is a very strong and sturdy plant, it’s not elegant and refined. He called it rustic sunflower. The sunflower, which Van Gogh once saw as decorative, had become almost sacred, a symbol that represented light itself, an ideal of the an honest lived in nature, and they did indeed represent an idea “gratitude”, symbolising it in the rustic sunflower, an image that brought him comfort and familiarity, certain vital glow and form (of solar disc) that could raise the spirit in trouble times.

У меня тоже получилось… ну и добавил “городских” прелестей 🙂

Спасибо подруге за то, что снова взял в руки фотоаппарат, а не довольствовался телефоном.

Put your lights on!

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